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CLASSROOMHKDSE Mathematics (Compulsory Part) Mock Papers + Score High Self-learning Solution S.6


- This series is written elaborately with reference to the latest HKDSE and HKCEE papers. We provide 8 sets of mock papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) to help candidates get familiar with the HKDSE Examination format, question types and levels. We aim to enhance candidates’ examination skills and to assist candidates to be well-prepared for the HKDSE Examination.

- Mock Papers
closely follow the official question types and trends.

- HKDSE Preparation Guide
provides practical information, such as suggested marking standards and guidelines,
overview of question trends, useful formulae, etc.

- Score High Self-learning Solution
consists of the five elements ‘Alternative Method’, ‘Answering Strategy’, ‘Common Mistake’,
‘5** Tips’ and ‘Marking Scheme’.