CLASSROOM NSS Mathematics High Score - MC Questions (compulsory Part)

  • HK$115.00

- CLASSROOM NSS Mathematics High Score – MC Questions is designed according to the HKDSE Mathematics Examination (Paper 2). This series consists of two books, providing a full coverage of the compulsory part of the HKDSE Mathematics Examination and the whole Mathematics Curriculum from S.1 to S.3.

Exam Kit
- Providing questions trends and MC solving skills, helping students get well prepared before the examination
- Key Notes: Providing key points and formulas, helping students revise all the main points quickly
- Basic Questions: Assorting the questions according to the learning objectives with progressive levels of difficulty, helping students to master the basic concepts
- Exam Focus: Providing miscellaneous exercise with questions assorted into Level 1 and Level 2; question types strictly follow the HKDSE Examination and the HKCEE
- HKCEE Questions Distribution: Providing the year and the question number of relevant HKCEE questions for reference,
helping students master the key points of the examination
Answer Key
- Providing a detailed answer key with MC Speedy Methods, Answering Strategies and Common Mistake, helping students to master answering skills
Mock Paper
- Familiarizing students with the structure and different item types of the new HKDSE Examination
Easy Memory Tips
- Showing the techniques to memorize formulas and key points on the web in seconds, providing masterly skills to solve mathematical problems

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