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CLASSROOM Score High in Listening and Integrated Skills


CLASSROOM Score High in Listening and Integrated Skills (Secondary 1 to 3) complements popular themes in local textbooks. Each level consists of 5 modules and 10 units, which covers essential skills, question types and text types used in listening and integrated tasks.

Task-based Approach
- Clear and easy-to-use task-based approach in all units and tasks

Coverage on DSE & TSA
- Comprehensive coverage on DSE and TSA skills and question formats; ideal for bridging to NSS level

Concise Skill Teaching
- Authentic situations and sufficient examples in the skill teaching part

- Motivating vocabulary exercises or activities as language input for students

Integrated Writing Skills
- Progressive teaching and learning of data-extracting and writing skills

Separate Booklets
- Separate Integrated Task Booklet and Data File especially designed for exam format assessments

Graded Writing Tasks
- Graded writing tasks to cater for different learning needs

- Writing samples, lists of difficult words and common proper nouns for self-learning

Teaching Resources
- MP3 CD-ROM, Teacher's Book, E-answer Checking CD-ROM and online resources (test bank, worksheets and recordings on basic listening skills)