Kano Computing

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A computer and coding kit for all ages

Make a computer, learn what's inside, play with code. Spark a lifelong passion for computing and the arts.


150+ hours of creative play

With simple steps and playful projects you’ll learn to code art, music, apps, games and more


What is the Computer Kit?
The Kano Computer Kit is a computer anyone can make™. You build and code it yourself. It’s a fun way to make, play and express your creativity with technology.
What’s inside the Kano Computer Kit?
The kit comes with 10 plug-and-play components including: a Raspberry Pi, a wireless keyboard, a DIY speaker, a custom case, power and HDMI cables, memory card, a USB power supply, an illustrated story book and 4 sheets of stickers.
Do parents need to know about computers?
No prior knowledge is needed. We provide a step-by-step storybook, the Kano Book to guide you.
Is adult supervision necessary when playing with Kano?
Some children between 6-8 years old may require parental supervision when reading the Kano Book and assembling the Computer Kit components. Children 8 years and older are proven to be quite self sufficient on their Kano!
How do you actually code on Kano?
Kano provides an introduction to various programming languages including Python and Javascript. Kids will learn Python through our Kano Blocks by making Minecraft and Pong, and can dive into the world of Linux by going on a Terminal Quest and by making Snake.
Is Kano used in the classroom?
Yes, Kano is being used in hundreds of schools across the US, UK, EU, Asia and even parts of Africa. Check out our educator’s page!





自定義和播放的Minecraft, 感受從來沒有過的新體驗。


天天與我們的酷社區共同創作, 好好學習背後的代碼。