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Kano Computing (Screen)

  • HK$1,000.00

Make an HD screen with a simple story

WIth a story book and simple steps you'll learn how to build your own HD screen. Then plug it into a laptop, games console or the Kano Computer Kit.

A 1280x800, 720p display with over a million pixels, giving your a gorgeously sharp HD picture. Included in your kit is a magnifying glass for you to see its pixels upclose.

16.7 million colors for your games, videos and creations to truly shine. Learn how you screen makes color using just red, green and blue.

Use it with any computer. As a second screen for your laptop, a screen for your games console away from the home, or even as a monitor on film or photography shoots. No need to spend a fortune.



We were having fun, and we didn’t realize we were learning stuff, but we were!

Maya, Kano Master


Be a portable coding hero

A dedicated screen means more time to create and code. It works beautifully with the Computer Kit, and all fits nicely together so you can take it wherever you want to code.

Take it to school or round a friend's house

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