MakeX 2019守護家園場地圖含關卡套件 MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena P1090021

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MakeX 2019守護家園場地圖含關卡套件 MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena 


What is MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena?

This full package includes all the materials necessary for setting up a complete arena in the Sarter City Guardian competition. 
The package contains structural components, like Metal Beams, Map, Screws, Shafts and more; props are included as well, such as EVA Block, Balls, Rings, Obstacles, Cards, Trees and more.

MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena
Part list
7 x Yellow Block
8 x Ball
1 x Red Obstacle
1 x Blue Obstacle
4 x Green Ring
4 x Yellow Ring
1 x Green Tree
1 x Orange Tree
4 xSlide Beam2424-072
2 x Slide Beam2424-184
4 x Beam0412-236
2 x Timing Pulley 62T
2 x Timing Pulley 90T
2 x Square Beam0808-168
2 x Beam0412-172
4 x Slide Beam0824-112
2 x Bracket C
2 x Bracket U1
2 x Bracket 3*3
4 x Shaft Connector
4 x Flange Bearing
24 x Shaft Collar 4mm
2 x Shaft D4*56mm
4 x Shaft D4*128mm
20 x Screw M4*22
30 x Lock Nut M4
40 x Screw Headless M3*5
1 x Wrench 5mm&7mm
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Building Instructions
1 x Double-Sided Tape
2 x HEX Allen Key 1.5mm
2 x Green Card
6 x Blue Card
6 x Red Card
1 x Mat
6 x Linkage
30 x Screw M4*8
10 x Screw M4*10
10 x Screw M4*16