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Osmo Coding Jam Game (Base required)

  • HK$498.00

  • Create and layer melodies, drum beats, and more while building original compositions with fun characters from different worlds.
  • Combine unique Coding blocks into sequences & patterns to make your beat come alive.
  • Place unique Coding blocks into sequences, patterns and subroutines, (don't worry, they'll get it) and click, clack, twist and turn, and they'll have their own music hit.
  • A great introduction to the concepts of Coding, specifically developed kids ages 5 to 12.

Kids and coding make amazing music together

It’s easy to compose groovy tunes by arranging the blocks into patterns and sequences. As kids catch on to coding, they’ll want to rock and roll all day.

Code to the beat of your own drum!

In this open-ended game, little jammers mix their own unique sounds and learn the basics of coding at the same time.

Osmo Coding Jam is more than fun -- it helps kids recognize key fundamentals of music, like pattern, rhythm, and repetition.

From prehistoric cave beats, to interplanetary pings, to science-lab techno jams -- kids can create countless combinations to find their groove.

Save, and safely share creative musical compositions with other Jammers to proudly create your hit list.

Osmo means hands-on, healthy play

Play Osmo games in front of an iPad, and super-smart software provides real-time results, encouragement, guidance and giggles. Works with iPad 2–4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, & iPad Pro 9.7 inch. *Requires the Osmo Base, found in Osmo Starter Kit, Genius Kit and Creative Kit.

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