OSMO Genius Kit - iPad Only

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  • Five award-winning games that transform your iPad into a hands-on learning tool
  • Turns core subjects, like math (Numbers) and spelling (Words), into fearless fun
  • Encourages visual thinking (Tangram), problem solving (Newton), and creative drawing skills (Masterpiece)
  • Designed to adjust to kids aged 5-12 skill level. Toy-Of-The-Year-2015|TIME-Best-Inventions-of-2014
  • Genius Kit comes with the Osmo Base (stand & reflector), game playing pieces (including upper and lower case Word’s tiles) and stackable storage containers. Requires iPad to play.
Supercharge your drawing skills

Transform a photo or gallery image into easy-to-draw lines. Draw to perfection. Then share a magical time-lapse video of your creation!

Free form math

Add, count & multiply tiles to pop the number bubbles. Popping enough will free 
fish & unleash a lightning storm! Learn to be the numbers master.

Spatial thinking

Arrange Tangram pieces to match on-screen puzzles that get more difficult after each victory. Play alone or challenge a friend!

Word fun in puzzle form

Guess and spell the on-screen image. Challenge a friend in this lightning-fast word scramble.

Creative problem solving

Solve physics puzzles by drawing lines on paper or placing objects, like a pen or a toy dinosaur, in front of the screen.

Osmo 是個寓教於樂的獨特遊戲系統,為你的 iPad 開創實體遊戲的無限可能。以出色的人工智能技術精心打造,Osmo 的先進技術跨越現實及數碼遊戲的領域。Osmo Genius Kit 全面擴展 Starter Kit 的功能,為現有的遊戲套裝加入更多新款遊戲及 Numbers。整套遊戲系統讓孩子探索不同領域的知識,包括科學、數學及藝術等。兼容 iPad 2 或更新的型號,並附有五種非常有趣的遊戲,包括 Numbers、Tangram、Newton、Words 及 Masterpiece。


現實世界滿佈令人望而生畏的算數紙及公式,Osmo Numbers app 可讓數學更富趣味。移動字母板,包括標點符號及數字,來完成數組達到等級。你可分別加入或移除字母板來加減數字,又或把字母板連接起來以組合乘法。實驗變得方便、快捷,而且富直覺性。








利用 Masterpiece 來提升你的繪畫技巧。從相機中、精選圖庫或整合網頁搜尋來挑選不同相片,Masterpiece 將把相片變成簡單易明的線條,並協助你一筆一筆繪畫至完美無暇。你也可與朋友及家人分享縮時攝影影片大作。