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Smart Camera Add-on Pack

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• What is Smart Camera Add-on Pack?
This add-on pack is designed for contestants competing in the 2020 MakeX Starter and Challenge programs. It allows contestants to apply vision technologies in the game.
The pack includes Smart Camera, its battery, brackets, and some mechanical parts.


Packing Method

Box Packing

Package Dimension

202*153*40 mm ; 8*6*1.6 inch

Gross Weight


Part list

1 xBracket3*3*120°

1 x Bracket3*3

1 x Slide Beam0824-048(blue)

1 x Plate 3*3*150°

10 x Nut M4

10 x Screw M4*22

10 x Screw M4*14

1 x mBuild_Smart Camera

1 x mBuild_Power

1 x Connection Cable

2 x 5V General Cable-20cm

1 x USB Cable

3 x 32mm Orange EVA Ball

3 x 32mm Green EVA Ball