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MakeX 2020 Starter Smart Links Kit

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• What is 2020 MakeX Starter Smart Links Kit?
This is a complete competition kit designed for contestants participating in the 2020 MakeX Starter Smart Links. It includes the materials necessary to complete the competition, such as mBot Chassis, Bluetooth Remote, High-speed Motor (designed for use in robotics competitions), LED Matrix, Me RGB Line Follower, Me Ultrasonic Sensor, and 9g Micro Servo.


Packing Method

Box Packing

Package Dimension

427*312*75 mm ; 16.8*12.3*3 inch

Gross Weight


Part list

1 x LED Matrix

1 x RGB Line Follower

1 x 9g Micro Servo(Metal Gear)

1 x RJ25 Adapter

6 x RJ25 Cable

2 x Geared Motor DC 6V/312RPM

4 xBracket3*3*120°

3 xBracket3*6(blue)

3 x Bracket U1

4 x Plate 45°(blue)

4 x Triangle Plate 6*8(blue)

3 x Plate0324-072(blue)

3 x Plate0324-088(blue)

4 x Beam0808-136(blue)

4 x Slide Beam0824-016(blue)

4 x Slide Beam0824-032(blue)

32 x Nut M4

50 x Screw M4*8

30 x Screw M4*14

6 x Plastic Spacer 4*7*10

4 x Brass Stud M4*16+6

4 x Beam0412-036(blue)

1 x Mainboard mCore

1 x mBot Shell

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Wrench 5&7

2 x Mini Wheel

8 x Lock Nut M3

2 x Velcro Sticker Pad

4 x Self-drilling Screw M2.2*9.5

6 x Screw M3*25

4 x Brass Stud M4*25+6

1 x USB Cable

1 x Ultrasonic Sensor

1 x Bluetooth Module

4 x Plate 3*5*120°(blue)

4 x Beam0412-044(blue)

4 x Beam0412-060(blue)

1 x Bluetooth Controller

2 x Lithium Battery

1 x Bluetooth Dongle

1 x Shallow Tray Cyan Blue

2 x Wheel

5 x Bracket 3*3(blue)

4 x Square Beam0808-136(blue)

1 x Micro Switch B

4 x Plate 7*9-B(blue)

2 x D Shaft 4*56mm

4 x Shaft Collar 4mm

2 x Shaft Connector 4mm

6 x Cuttable Linkage(blue)

20 x Flange Bearing 4*8*3mm

2 x Tyre 68.5*22mm

34 x Lock Nut M4

24 x Plastic Rivet R4060

30 x Plastic Rivet R4120

20 x Plastic Ring 4*7*3mm

20 x Screw Headless M3*5

2 x HEX Allen Key 1.5mm