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Arduino CTC GO! Motions Expansion Pack

by Arduino


If you’ve taken your students through the CTC GO! - Core Module, the Motions Expansion Pack will build on what they have already learned about how to use technology as a tool and how to apply that knowledge in the real world. The Motions Expansion Pack challenges them to go a step further in computing and design and technology by introducing them to new and more complex programming concepts that develop their logical reasoning, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills. Students will expand on their knowledge and skills in STEAM subjects to learn about motions by adding mobility to the hands-on, playful projects and transforming the movement their motors provide. As an educator, you’ll still get all the teaching support you need with webinars, videos, guides, and direct contact with an expert.

What Does Every Module Include?

  • TOOLBOX: All the specific motions components and materials you need to build several guided experiments and projects in addition to the Core Module components.
  • SOFTWARE PLATFORM FOR EDUCATORS with all the materials you need for each lesson, resources to help you with lesson preparation, content tips, timing suggestions for classroom management, and curriculum links
  • SOFTWARE PLATFORM FOR PUPILS with step-by-step instructions, assembly videos, and fun activities to help them get started with programming, electronics and building fully-functional, interactive projects (educators also have prior access to this platform so they can prepare and adapt their lesson plans)
  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT including a welcome training webinar with an Arduino Education expert, training videos that explain each lesson’s concepts, shorter videos that expand on lesson content, and direct email support from an education expert.

This expansion pack includes 14 learning sessions:

- 7 Guided sessions: 4 Guided activities lessons to learn how to start working with motors and 3 Guided project-building sessions to apply the acquired knowledge
- 7 Self-guided project-building sessions

During these sessions students will develop and build their own projects
The seven self-guided project-building sessions that follow give students the confidence they need to work both under their own initiative and collaboratively with their peers, boosting their essential 21st-century skills

As in the core module, the expansion pack includes teacher content, teacher guides and premium training and support with an Arduino Education expert.

Age group 14 - 17
Students Up to 24
Teachers Up to 3

Know More

Additional information on our educational programs is available on the Arduino Education page

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CTC GO! - Motions Expansion Pack Toolbox

  • 8 Standard Servo Motors
  • 8 Continuous Servo Motors
  • 8 Student group boxes: Each student group will have a components box with the materials they need to add to the CTC GO! Core Module ones to work on the experimental lessons.
  • 16 Li-on 18650 batteries
  • 8 battery holders
  • 2 battery chargers
  • 8 9V batteries
  • Jumper wires
  • Two markers
  • Two screwdrivers
  • Assembly mechanical pieces: Include the modular building pieces needed to be combined with the already existing in the Core Module to be able to build 4 different guided projects.