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classroom:bit - micro:bit expansion board

classroom:bit is an expansion board based on micro:bit. It expands the main IO ports on the micro:bit and leads out in the form of GVS. Through it, various 3V electronic building blocks can be expanded, such as LED lights, light sensors, and servos. as well as IIC supported device. It also has a buzzer and a noise sensor on board. The combination of classroom:bit and micro:bit V1.5 can realize all the functions of micro:bit V2.0.

Features highlights :

- Expand all multiplexed IO ports in the form of GVS terminals.

- The onboard buzzer and noise sensor can be used in combination with micro:bit V1.5 to realize the functions of micro:bit V2.0.

- The IIC interface is led out separately, and can be directly inserted into IIC devices such as OLED, AI Camera and BME280.

- Support for LEGO interfaces.