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CLASSROOM Pre-Secondary 1 Mathematics 2 in 1 (Assorted Exercises + Mock Papers)


Assorted Exercises
• Revision exercises help students to revise common questions
• ‘Example’ in each topic enhances students’ problem-solving skills with
‘Answering Strategy’
• ‘Solving Guide’ provides students with thinking skills to solve the problems
• QR code provided for challenge questions
• ‘CLASSROOM Educator’ provides useful tips and reminders
• ‘Key Terms’ provides bilingual mathematical terms
• ‘Revision Notes’, ‘small tips’ and ‘concept check’ summarise the key points
   throughout the year and help students to revise concepts

Mock Papers (5 Sets)
• Closely follow the question design of lastest HKAT official exam paper
• Include one extra paper for Primary 6 students to equip for the HKAT