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Honeycomb Music Kit


HoneyComb is a set of playful electronic blocks, designed for STEM education and for makers of all ages and skill levels. With 50+ different types of blocks and endless combinations, you can quickly design, program, and prototype your own creations .HoneyCombs have 3 Colors and 3 Functions: Input , Logic , and Output bricks. Snap them together create what inventions you want. It's that simple. With the right tools, anyone can be an inventor. No coding and no computer requirement.

Music Kit can change anything into an instrument. Turn a pumpkin into a drum or bananas into piano. Feel the world is your symphony. You can practically turn any conductive objects into musical instruments, so you or your children can go and explore the life , and discover that everything is musical.


- Support MP3 mode,your can self-made songs, film clips, sound of rain or space station radio...
- With proximity sensing (Max 4cm), you can build air drum which doesn't require physical touching
- In midi mode,  just make a piano? A drum? A viola? Just go find some food , fruit or vegetables...
- 16 types instruments in Midi mode.