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KSB043 micro:bit IO Extension Board

by Kaise
It can be powered by 3V from the micro:bit or 5V from the USB of the expansion board, and then choose 5V / 3V power supply for the module.

The fixed hole position is the Lego brick hole position board. The factory default is 3V IO power supply, if it is not clear whether the module uses the INPUT pin, please do not change the jumper to 5V.

Please note that this expansion board does not have a 5V to 3V Logic Level Converter conversion IC. If the 5V / 3V power jumper is plugged into 5V, the module can only use OUTPUT

The output type, such as servo or light bar application, must not use the module with INPUT input, such as the ultrasonic or the module that needs to read the value, to avoid the 5V high potential directly entering the micro: bit IO pin and causing damage to the board.