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Littlebits Rule Your Room Kit


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The littleBits Rule Your Room Kit comes with seven Bits, accessories, and a step-by-step guide to create eight touch-activated inventions right out of the box. The new Rule Your Room Kit will give kids the opportunity to create the coolest room ever and transform dull, ordinary objects into awesomely interactive inventions powered by the Makey Makey Bit, which turns anything that conducts electricity–a hand, a carrot, or a paw–into a touchpad.


For kids who always feel that their stuff is in jeopardy of being snooped or snatched by siblings, Bits from the Rule Your Room Kit can be used to create a variety of security measures for avid makers. Here are a few ideas:

Worried someone is trying to steal one of your possessions? Detonate the Domain Defender! It automatically launches projectiles like wads of paper at the person trying to break into the item.



 Family pranksters can up their game by programing a pop-up puppet to prank mom, dad, or their best friend. Or perhaps you just love gaming and want to put a new spin on your controller. The Makey Makey Bit is perfect for creating a brand new controller for your favorite computer game out of a piece of fruit or a vegetable! If you’re thinking that you already have some littleBits, components from the new Rule Your Room Kit gives kids the opportunity to create the coolest room ever. Bits will inspire them to combine this new set with existing sets to as they transform dull, ordinary objects into awesome interactive inventions.