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Octopus Crash Sensor Brick

  • HK$45.00

Octopus Electronic Bricks, you can use them to build electronics projects just as easy as piling bricks. By using Octopus electronic bricks, you may connect micro:bit / Arduino/Freaduino compatible boards easily with various digital, analog and I2C/Uart interfaces. These the breadboard-less firm connection are prepared to extensive modules like poteniometers, sensors, relays, servos even buttons, just plug and play.

Crash Sensor Brick is a sensor module based on crash switch, simple circuit design, high sensitivity.


  • Arduino special module
  • compatible with sensor shield
  • Output low level when touched, maintain high level when released
  • Used for robot collision detection touch detection
  • 3P buckled wires connector
  • Easy to plug and play
  • Able to achieve very interesting and an interactive work


OCTOPUS Crash Sensor Brick

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