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TPBot Car Kit :Smart Car Robot Kit for micro:bit (without micro:bit board)


The TPBot micro:bit programmable smart car is a magical teaching tool that stimulates children's imagination and creativity!

Creative Programming Partner for Children


In essence, that’s the story of TPBot Smart Car. It looks like a toy and it definitely works like one: you or your kid can just have fun with it, namely using it for line tracking or for obstacles avoidance. However, once you insert the micro:bit motherboard, this becomes a micro:bit programmable smart car that offers your kids the chance of learning code and some micro bit robot essentials while playing.

micro bit robot


This is where TPBot’s Smart Car’s magic lies. Created by the BBC, the micro:bit motherboard is a pocket-sized computer that can be programmed to operate multiple functionalities, allowing children to easily learn programming while enjoying the journey as an entertainment activity. On the other hand, MakeCode editor is a Microsoft editor that provides an easy way for children to start programming and to get creative with the micro:bit motherboard. TPBot Smart Car uses both technologies combined to allow your kids to have a blast while becoming programming gurus without even thinking about it!


  • Micro:bit: Uses BBC's motherboard programmable pocket-sized computer
  • Modular: Allows electronic modules to add and explore different functionalities
  • Fun: Work as a normal toy without inserting the micro:bit motherboard
  • Limitless possiblilities: Allow children to create and implement countless functions as preferred
  • MakeCode: Uses Microsoft's editor for an easy and playful programming journey
  • Toy Bricks-Compatible: Compatible with toy brick to allow for endless creative constructions
  • Didactic: Works as an engaging and playful programming educational tool for kids



micro bit robot

  • Product Name: TPBot Smart Car(micro bit robot)

Controller: micro:bit board(optional)

Coding Method: Makecode graphical programming/Python

Main Function: Entertainment mode/Programming mode

Compatible: Standard toy brick attachment

Expandable: A four-way sensor connection and a four-way servo connection

Dimension: 113mm*128mm*90mm

Battery: 4*1.5V Dry cells

Content List: TPBot Smart Cart*1 Sticker*1 User manual*1 Line-tracking map *1

micro bit robot


Items Parameters
TPBot Smart Car 1
Sticker(s) 1
Map 1
Manual book 1
Batteries 4